Shevi Arnold

 On Humor


Hi. My name is Shevi, and Iíve used humor for a lot of things in my life.

  • Iíve been a cartoonist, a humor series writer and a comic strip magazine editor.
  • It was partly because I made them laugh that two editors gave me more serious jobs as an arts and entertainment writer and a consumer columnist.
  • Iíve started many a conversation with a one liner to put a new friend or colleague at ease.
  • I was first attracted to my husband because of his sense of humor, and mine has helped me put up with him ever since.
  • Laughter has helped me get through some pretty tough times and has made the happy occasions even better.

I donít know what I would do without it.

My ability to find humor in my own life has also given me what I hope is a great way to start my book, The House of Funny: The Guide to Finding Humor in Your Life.  If you would like to see a few samples of my humor, you can check out my humor columns or read a bit of my novels for children age 9-12 My Best Friend, Dan Quixote: Boy of Nuevo Jersey and Honey-Bea of Washing-Town.